Educate Your Customers Into The Sale

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Educating your customers

Should be the focus of all your marketing efforts. Failing to tell your customers why they should be buying form you is pure mistake. The more you explain the them how your product or service work, the more value they will perceive and the more they will appreciate what you can do for them.

This is especially true if you are doing something different than your competition.

Just tell them how you manufacture the products, the material you use, the process, to get to the product, if you travel, if you have to study, how many people you employ, performance, technical investment etc..

People cannot appreciate the investment, education, or all you have gone through until you share this information with them.

Marketing is educating and creating a desire for a product or service.

If you decide to sell something at a ridiculous low price you need to give them a reason why. You just can’t cut the price.

How would you respond if I was telling you have a Rolls Royce and only 50 models were created. I was made 5 years ago and worth $1 million dollar. Since the price went down and the car is worth $400,000.

On top of that the car was custom design with additional options worth $40,000.

There is only 10 of those cars in the U.S one of them is owned by Bill Gates. The car has only 53,000 miles, new paint, new rims, new sound system. I only want $150,000 for it and the last one was sold an an auction for $250,000. Wouldn’t you be interested?

Of course you would be. This is to demonstrate how much more desirable it is when you make the effort to educate your prospects. Now they can appreciate the value of your offer and understand why it is so inexpensive.

If you do not tell them what your product or service can do for them they won’t guess. If you do not explain why your offer is so inexpensive they won’t appreciate the value of it.

If you want to succeed you have to communicate the value of your product.

If your price and offer present an incredible value then explain why you are making such an offer.

Is it for first time buyers, is it because you purchased 1000 of them and you got a great deal from the manufacturer, is it because you need to get rid of them and you want to pass on the savings?

Tell them why they should buy from you instead of the competition

Tell them all the reasons and the more believable, and credible you are the more appealing your offer will be and the more sales you will make. Ever wondered why something was so incredibly low priced?

Didn’t you wish you had known why? Wouldn’t you have been more attracted to that offer if you had known the reasons why it was so inexpensive?

Same thing if you have a product that is more expensive than your competition, describe to them why you are selling it for more money.

If you are selling something with a big discount why not tell them the reason. May be it’s slow season and you’d rather offer a room at 75% discount, you will attract more people and you will make your money on the food and drinks while they will still enjoy a 75% on a room.

It’s better for you because you will still make money and they will offer huge discount.

Everybody is happy

If you offer 2 items for the price of 1 tell them why. Did you receive a huge discount from the manufacturer or are you trying to move your inventory?

May be you want to give them a great deal because they’ll come back and then you will make your normal profit? Wouldn’t you feel better if each time an advertiser wanted to do business with you, gave you the reason why? I would say so!

The more honest and explicit you are gives customers more compelling reasons to favor your business.

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Common Mistakes In Outsourcing That You Should Avoid

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Common Mistakes In Outsourcing That You Should Avoid

When you have the right outsourcing company to provide services like computer support services, then you will surely reap the benefits of it. It is a great way to cut your operational costs, expand your company’s capacity and tap into expert knowledge and skills. But if you get the wrong provider or make one wrong move, it can be catastrophic. You could damage customer relationships, incur additional costs and on the worst case scenario, even ruin your company.

What are the most common mistakes when outsourcing? If you want to find out, then continue reading this article for the list of these mistakes.


Mistake #1: Outsourcing business functions that affect a customer directly.

You will often find companies that are outsourcing functions that directly affect their customers. Some of these examples are the sales, responding to emails or calls and even customer service. There is nothing wrong with this. However, there are some outsource companies that provide results that cannot be considered outstanding. When it comes to these functions, getting any result other than outstanding or great is unacceptable.

Mistake #2: Cost savings from outsourcing are overestimated.

Outsourcing may be able to save you some time and money but it is never as much as you wish it would be. Even though other people will be handling the function itself, you still need to manage it and this can be time-consuming. You need to make sure that the provider is to the standards and you need to measure their performance. Aside from that, you also have the task of providing feedback. If the provider has any questions, you will need to answer them and if any unusual situations arise, you will need to step in to handle it. The best scenario is that you will get only 70% of the estimated savings.

Mistake #3: Not giving guidance.

It makes sense to outsource if the task or process has been clearly defined by procedures, rules and guidelines. Unfortunately, a lot of companies do not bother to make these. Even if your company already has an in-house guidelines, you need to double this available documentation for your outsourcing partner. You need to remember as well that in companies, some of the practices and guidelines are not written. You need to make sure that everything is written when you plan to outsource any service for your company.

Mistake #4: Getting an outsource partner too quickly.

It is easy to get tempted to completely turn over a process to a partner. But don’t. Opt to turn over only a portion of a business function to your provider and make them work so that they can earn a bigger portion of the function.

Mistake #5: Not having measurements put in place.

When you outsource a process or function, you are naturally putting it out of your sight. When you do not have any measurement system, you are also keeping it out of your mind. You need to make sure that you have a way to determine how well a provider is performing and even go to the point of testing your provider’s performance every now and then.


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Why Hiring an IT Outsourcing Company Is Beneficial For Your Business

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Why Hiring an IT Outsourcing Company Is Beneficial For Your BusinessIf you own a company, whether it be big or small, the idea of outsourcing certain aspects of your business has probably crossed your mind. Who would not think about it given its many benefits, right? With the many services offered by outsourcing companies, running a company without employing a single person even seems possible. This can be made possible because of the wide ranges of services and resources that are being outsourced.

Is there more to outsourcing than just being able to cut the operating costs of your company? If you want to find out then continue reading this article.


Benefits of Outsourcing

  1. As we have already mentioned earlier, outsourcing can help reduce the operating costs of any company. Why is this so? Outsourcing services from another company means you do not need to incur costs that related to hiring employees. Some of these include training, management oversight, health insurance, taxes, retirement plans and so on.
  2. As much as you would like to, doing everything on your own is not practical and being the jack of all trades is nearly impossible. When you outsource certain aspects of your business, you can pay more attention on your actual business instead of having to juggle everything.
  3. Although outsourcing comes at a price, you can be assured that you will get a good return on your investment. For example, hiring IT outsourcing companies. You do not depend on the knowledge and skills of just one person. But rather, your company has a team of qualified IT experts doing the IT aspect of your business for you. Outsourcing companies will make sure that their staff have the right knowledge and certification in the areas they specialize in.
  4. Your employees will be able to do what they were hired to do. Sure, you may have an employee that is good with computers although the reason he was hired is for something else. If he is busy tinkering with computers in your office, then who is doing the job that he is actually hired to do?
  5. Or what if you do not have any employee that can take care of your IT needs but you do not have extra budget for hiring new employee/s? Then one good option would be to outsource resources for your IT needs.
  6. If you are restructuring your company for improvements, it is most likely that you will set aside functions in your business that are non-core and focus on the core of your business instead. Despite being non-core business functions, these are functions that have to be handled still which leads you back to outsourcing again. You can continue restructuring the core of your business without lagging behind on the non-core needs.
  7. Since you will be able to cut the operating costs when you outsource, you have funds now which you can use on things/services that are related to your business.
  8. When an outsourced non-core business function becomes hard to manage or is going out of control, you do not have to be too stressed out because the staff from the outsourcing company will handle it for you. But this does not mean that you should just sit back and watch.

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avail IT Consulting Services

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Top 3 Reasons Why You Should Avail IT Consulting Services

Surprisingly, we are now living in a fast paced life and one of the major contributors as to why is because of the influence of technology. Nowadays, we can easily do whatsoever we wanted with the help of the internet. The internet alone will give us not just knowledge but also bunch of advantages that are very useful for a business. the If you own a business, it is always an advantage if you make use of the internet not just to search for various updates in the line of business that you are in, but to also improve your business strategy as well as by saving in more money which are the utmost result of utilizing the internet.

In order for you to make use of the wonders of the internet and incorporate it into your business, you have to seek the advice of an expert. Most of these experts would surely recommend that you should go and visit IT consulting services for you to have a clear understanding how to make use of technology for your business. A hassle free transaction will be all yours as well as your customers to enjoy. In line with this, there are top three reasons why you should avail IT Consulting Services.

To have better productivity

Your business will always be productive once you make use of systematized access creating centralised communication from one department to the other. With this idea, there is no need for you to pull up employees for a quick huddle which can affect their performance as well as the progress of their work. Once you already have decided to go for a systematized system in the office, then it would be ideal to talk to experts for you to be enlighten by how this system works.

To reduce system downtime

In the event that you are now into centralized system in the office, one of the anticipated the problems that you will encounter is system downtime. What usually happens during system downtime is the most of the computers will shut down or will not function properly. If this persistently occurs, it can cause delay in the work and dissatisfaction for the customers because of slow servicing. That is why it is always an edge for you to subscribe to an IT Consulting Service that will give you a top of the line system.

To have an ace in the competition

If you have a better working system, there will be fewer possibilities of your system to experience downtime and other system errors that can affect the performance of the company. Moreover, it is very crucial and important to look for a servicing company that would really give value to the money that you have paid them for the service that they have been offering.

Efficient and Cost Effective

If you have the best system, you will not just have better productivity, reduction in the probability of experiencing system downtime a well as having the ace in the intercompany competition but will also enjoy an efficient and cost effective service and production. Say hello to paperless meetings and goodbye to the cost of the production of report outputs.


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