Educate Your Customers Into The Sale

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Educating your customers

Should be the focus of all your marketing efforts. Failing to tell your customers why they should be buying form you is pure mistake. The more you explain the them how your product or service work, the more value they will perceive and the more they will appreciate what you can do for them.

This is especially true if you are doing something different than your competition.

Just tell them how you manufacture the products, the material you use, the process, to get to the product, if you travel, if you have to study, how many people you employ, performance, technical investment etc..

People cannot appreciate the investment, education, or all you have gone through until you share this information with them.

Marketing is educating and creating a desire for a product or service.

If you decide to sell something at a ridiculous low price you need to give them a reason why. You just can’t cut the price.

How would you respond if I was telling you have a Rolls Royce and only 50 models were created. I was made 5 years ago and worth $1 million dollar. Since the price went down and the car is worth $400,000.

On top of that the car was custom design with additional options worth $40,000.

There is only 10 of those cars in the U.S one of them is owned by Bill Gates. The car has only 53,000 miles, new paint, new rims, new sound system. I only want $150,000 for it and the last one was sold an an auction for $250,000. Wouldn’t you be interested?

Of course you would be. This is to demonstrate how much more desirable it is when you make the effort to educate your prospects. Now they can appreciate the value of your offer and understand why it is so inexpensive.

If you do not tell them what your product or service can do for them they won’t guess. If you do not explain why your offer is so inexpensive they won’t appreciate the value of it.

If you want to succeed you have to communicate the value of your product.

If your price and offer present an incredible value then explain why you are making such an offer.

Is it for first time buyers, is it because you purchased 1000 of them and you got a great deal from the manufacturer, is it because you need to get rid of them and you want to pass on the savings?

Tell them why they should buy from you instead of the competition

Tell them all the reasons and the more believable, and credible you are the more appealing your offer will be and the more sales you will make. Ever wondered why something was so incredibly low priced?

Didn’t you wish you had known why? Wouldn’t you have been more attracted to that offer if you had known the reasons why it was so inexpensive?

Same thing if you have a product that is more expensive than your competition, describe to them why you are selling it for more money.

If you are selling something with a big discount why not tell them the reason. May be it’s slow season and you’d rather offer a room at 75% discount, you will attract more people and you will make your money on the food and drinks while they will still enjoy a 75% on a room.

It’s better for you because you will still make money and they will offer huge discount.

Everybody is happy

If you offer 2 items for the price of 1 tell them why. Did you receive a huge discount from the manufacturer or are you trying to move your inventory?

May be you want to give them a great deal because they’ll come back and then you will make your normal profit? Wouldn’t you feel better if each time an advertiser wanted to do business with you, gave you the reason why? I would say so!

The more honest and explicit you are gives customers more compelling reasons to favor your business.

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