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the filter-free system uses fluorescent lightweight to wash the airFILTER-FREE SYSTEM USES FLUORESCENT LIGHT TO CLEAN THE AIR

Tests of a replacement air-cleaning system show that it will take away a remarkably big selection of nasty particles whereas victimization little energy.

Unlike alternative systems that burn or freeze the pollution or need frequent maintenance, the new GPAO system desires no filters, is energy economical, and needs less maintenance, says Matthew Johnson, an academician of environmental chemistry at the University of the national capital, United Nations agency fancied it.

“As a chemist, I actually have studied the aptitude of the atmosphere to wash. Nature cleans the air in an exceedingly method involving gas, sunlight, and rain. aside from the rain, GPAO will the exact same issue, however, sped up by an element of 100 thousand,” says Johnson.

In the GPAO system, the contaminated gas is mixed with gas within the presence of fluorescent lamps. This causes free radicals to create that attack pollution, forming sticky merchandise that clumps along. The merchandise kind fine particles that grow into a kind of mobile dirt. And whereas gas part pollution was laborious to get rid of, dirt is simple. simply provides it associate degree electrostatically charged surface to stay too, and it goes no more.


“Anyone United Nations agency has ever tried dieting a display screen is aware of however well dust sticks to a charged surface. This impact implies that we tend to don’t would like ancient filters, giving our system a plus in operating with massive dilute airstreams”, says Johnson.

Patented in 2009, the system has been commercial since 2013 associate degree is already in use at an industrial website process waste water. Here it eliminates foul smells from the method and saved the plant from being closed. A second industrial installation removes ninety-six % of the smell generated by a plant creating food for eutherian.

Further testing by University of national capital atmospherical chemists shows that the GPAO system with efficiency removes cyanogenic fumes from covering material production associate degree from a foundry, that emitted aromatic hydrocarbon, toluene, alkyl group aromatic hydrocarbon, and xylene.

Another series of tests disclosed that the system may simply take away the rotten egg smells of pig farming and waste matter treatment. It additionally eliminated odors from breweries, bakeries, food production, slaughterhouses, and alternative method industries. And that’s not all, says Johnson.

“Because the system chow dirt, even unsafe particles like spore, spores, and viruses area unit removed,” says Johnson.

The findings seem within the journal ecology and Technology.